Proctor's Daily Dump 10-29-19

An Arkansas woman who lost her father several years ago used to text his old cell phone number to update him on her day. Those texts were unknowingly going to someone who now had possession of the number and he read them everyday for the past four years and finally responded.

By now you probably know I'm not one for sentiment, but this was actually a nice story and thought I'd share.

Check out the video below more below


These people are probably about to get PAID! A Samsung satellite fell out of the sky and landed in the front yard of a Michigan family. My question is, what was the purpose of this particular satellite? How the hell was it still active after FALLING FROM SPACE!? Check the video below for more


A Brazilian child has died after funds that were raised for his care were allegedly spent by his father on booze and hookers. I know I joke a lot about not wanting kids, but in the event I were to have have one I would think I would take care of it no matter what. This was clearly not the case for this gentleman.

Chris Proctor

Chris Proctor

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