Proctor's Daily Dump 10-22-19

A woman has been banned from Royal Caribbean cruises after taking this photo climbing over the balcony of her room. People all over the world go around trying to take these kinds of dangerous pictures and honestly I can't wait until one of these people get hurt.


In another story of people taking dangerous pictures for clout and likes, let's go to New York where people are running to this set of stairs that was showcased in the Joker movie. The stairs are located in not the greatest of neighborhoods in the Bronx, and that has not stopped anyone from going and getting a pic for the gram.


These women in North Carolina have been accused of running a fight club with dementia patients at an assisted living facility. The women are facing assault charges after allegedly filming and encouraging fighting in the facility.


For someone who's been dead for 20 years this is a remarkable feat to get arrested...wait what? What do you mean it's not the same Tupac?

Anyway, just check out the story below


This is a local story filled with people that I actually know. Weddings are supposed to be events that have memories that last forever. This is absolutely one of those. The maid of honor made this wedding go viral after presenting the bride with a bouquet made from Tyson Chicken. Check out some of the pics below


People are truly sick. This teacher is being accused of holding a twerking contest in the middle of a chemistry class and allegedly paying for young women to participate. The videos were shared on Snapchat where a students parents found out. They went to the school to get answers before going to the news.

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