Apple Has Been Listening To Our Conversations With Siri

If you know me, you know that I love technology. As I have gotten older and it has become more advanced I have become more leery of it though. AI freaks me out and I think we are ultimately being complicit in our own destruction. This is just another one of those moves for me. A lot of us have iPhones, or smart phones in general that have mobile assistants, like Siri. Some of us even use those assistants to perform many tasks like playing music or operating GPS, or any of the many features of our phones that we love so much.

Here is the part where I think we are ok with our own peril. Someone has been listening to those conversations that we have with Siri and now Apple has come out and apologized for doing so. I know a lot of people that use Siri to send text messages to friends, family and significant others. Would you want someone listening to your conversations with those people? What if some government employee was using it to send somewhat secretive information and some jerkoff engineer was listening in on those? This is just like when Google was reading our emails and just apologized for doing so.

I know we don't really care what happens to our data because we use these services, but maybe we should start to be more cognizant of what we are giving away for free while these companies make billions of dollars off it.

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Chris Proctor

Chris Proctor

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