Once again "The Simpsons" prove they can predict the future in this Season 6 Episode 11 "Fear of Flying" episode that aired on December 18th, 1994. 

In the episode Marge is worried because she forgot something, Bart complains that he doesn't want to sit next to a baby (aka his little sister Maggie) and Grandpa's eyes are tricking him into thinking the plane has already taken off.... 

At the 8:40 mark of the episode, the flight attendant comes onto the loud speaker announcing, "Attention passengers, due to our policy of overselling flights, this flight has been oversold..." The camera then shows the already seated passengers, showing a man in glasses reacting to the announcement, making it similar to the United flight from Sunday night.

Thankfully in this episode there was no aggressive fight for the seat, but instead ended happily with an upgrade to first class.  

Watch the full episode here: Season 6 Episode 11

Photo: Getty