TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • There’s even more drama. She says their estate is nearly $10 million in debt, and while she covers all of the expenses, he “contributes absolutely nothing.”
  • It’s a classic case of he-said, she-said.
  • "No More Drama" isn't just one of her biggest hits -- we're guessing it's her new outlook on life. 
  • It's ugly to see situations like this play out publicly. Can't we all just handle our business privately like grown folks? Apparently not. 
  • Folks are so quick to call a woman a gold-digger (see Janet Jackson's recent divorce), but when the tables are turned, the peanut gallery gets quiet. 

The war of words between Mary J. Blige and her estranged husband is getting ugly, fast.

Kendu Isaacs is seeking $110,000 a month in spousal support, But based on his track record, Mary says he should get nothing. In new court filings, she says during their marriage he took over $420,000 under the guise of “travel charges.” Even though he was also Mary’s manager, she says those expenses were not business-related and did not include her. She says he spent the money on his girlfriend and the rest of his family.

Blige wants Kendu to man up, saying, “I am not responsible for supporting [his] parents and his children from another relationship, which he lists as ongoing monthly expenses.” (TMZ)