Bad news for Tory Lanez. The recording artist was arrested yesterday (April 12) by Florida’s Broward County for multiple charges, which include gun and drug charges.

The amount of charges that he's facing seem never-ending. From driving without a valid license, possessing of 20 grams of cannabis, carrying a concealed gun, failure to register the vehicle he was driving and failure to produce proof liability insurance; the rising star's bright future is looking up in the air, at this time. 

Moreover, the previous mentioned charges consist of both a first degree misdemeanor -- which is the cannibus charge, and a third degree felony -- which is the gun charge. In the state of Florida, someone can be jailed up to a year for a misdemeanor, whereas a degree felony in the state can have someone locked up for up to five years. 

Lanez is still scheduled to appear on Future's "Nobody Safe Tour" kicking off on May 4. Hopefully, he'll be able to make it.  

Photo: Getty Images